Emory Conference Center Hotel

Tips & Tricks for Planning a Seamless, Stress-Free Event

When you have a game plan in place before you even start planning your event with a venue, the planning process can be easy. If not, it’s okay! We’ve created a list of items to consider as you start detailing your event.


The desired outcome of your event is important to establish from the beginning. What are you trying to achieve at the end of the day?

Planning a business event is vastly different from planning a social event. Establishing your goals from the start will help influence the decisions that you make, including everything from the catering services and audiovisual requirements to the venue and team needed to make your vision a reality.

Business Goals

  • Increase productivity during the workday
  • Recognize outstanding members of your staff
  • Brainstorm new ideas to help accomplish the tasks at hand
  • Share information about current business
  • Roll out a new product

Social Goals

  • Create a memorable night for you and your guests
  • Celebrate a loved one's accomplishment
  • Gather friends, family, and teammates/coworkers
  • Have fun


What is important to you as the planner and what is important to your attendees?

It's important to understand the difference between the expectations that you as the planner have compared to those of your audience. Let your Emory Conference Center Sales Team member know both sets of expectations so that our staff can accomplish both sets of objectives.

Meeting Planner Expectations

  • Direct and responsive communication with hotel contacts
  • Clear and understandable billing format
  • Flexible reservation methods
  • Ability to make changes as they happen
  • Clear understanding of available event rooms, setups, and audiovisual needs

Attendee Expectations

  • Delicious food with healthy options
  • Comfortable working environment with adequate lighting, adjustable temperatures, and clear view of the presentation
  • Attractive surroundings that inspire new ideas
  • Creative delivery of the meeting message
  • Unique setup or venue space that inspires learning


There are a few must-have items that you need to know before booking your event and conference space. If you are able to answer most these questions, then you are off to a great start. These answers will also help determining the size of your event space requirements.

  • How many guests or attendees are you expecting?
  • Will you require guestrooms? If so, how many per evening?
  • How would you like the space set up? Theater, classroom, conference, banquet rounds?
  • Will you need multiple rooms for breakout sessions?
  • What are you envisioning for audiovisual? Will you need, screens, projectors, music, and/or microphones? Will there be a meeting facilitator who requires special equipment?
  • Are you planning any entertainment during your event such as a DJ or band?
  • Do you wish to host an outdoor event?
  • Will any events take place off site of the venue?
  • Will you require transportation?

Have you planned this event in the past? Have you attended an event similar to the one you planning? If so, what did you like about the event? What worked well? What didn't?

When you are able to identify aspects of pasts events that you liked (or didn't) like, it will help you plan a successful event now. Your Sales Team member will be able to take these experiences and implement them into your current event so that you vision realized.

When should you start planning my event at the Emory Conference Center Hotel?

Although there is no tried and true deadline on when an event should be reserved, it's our recommendation to reserve your space as early as possible. We will always work with you to determine the best event space and number of guestrooms that your event most likely will need.