Clean and Green in Atlanta at our Eco-Friendly Hotel

At Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, being environmentally responsible is a central part of who we are. From serving only rainforest-friendly coffee to reducing our water consumption, we believe the greener choices we make matter—both to our guests and to the long-term health of our planet. If you are dedicated to taking care of our planet and ensuring it will be around for future generations, we are your kind of hotel.

Caring About Our Future

Being Green Comes Naturally at Emory Conference Center Hotel

The Emory Conference Center Hotel is proud to be environmentally responsible, both concerning our day-to-day operations and during our renovations. During our renovations, we took care to:

  • Replace every single tree removed with two trees
  • Recycle 50% of our total construction waste
  • Use only paint and carpeting composed of low VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Reduce landscaping irrigation by 50%, water use by 31%, and overall energy consumption by 18%

Our Day-to-Day Green Initiatives Include:

  • Converting our kitchen waste oils to a bio-diesel fuel used to power Emory University buses
  • Using a centralized recycling system with a single-stream unit
  • Using only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and energy-efficient appliances
  • Composting food waste
  • Serving only rainforest-friendly coffee in our dining establishments
  • Regular training for our employees regarding proper green practices
  • Donation of used linens to local charities
  • Participation with Clean the World, an initiative that helps recycle soap and other hygiene products

Green Awards & Accolades

Our dedication to being an eco-friendly hotel is more than just lip service, and we have the accolades to prove it.

  • EARTHPACT Certified
  • Earned TripAdvisor's "Green Leader" Gold Level
  • Multiple "Good Earthkeeping" Award winner from GHLA